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In 2014, Antoinette Ellis-Williams released her debut publication 'Black Gardenias: A Collection of Poems, Stories, and Sayings from a Woman's Heart'.  Blue Gardenias: An Outcast’s Journal A Sample Collection of Blogs, Speeches, Essays, and Poems (2014) published by Semaj Publishing. She is also completing her memoir titled When the Curry Hits the Grits: One Jamaican Living in America Black, White and In Between.

A Collections of Poems, Stories, & Saying From A Woman's Heart

Foreword by reg. e. gaines


​Black Gardenias is a collection of poems, short stories and sayings whispered by women; ancient and present who have loved, conquered, danced, prayed, struggled, overcome, suffered and laughed. It is about how women love and laugh in spite of hardships. Some of the women in this collection reflect on rape, incest, and abortion.  Others share their joys and pains of childbirth, sex, God, marriage, and love. Still others discuss resistance and politics, beauty and femininity. Black Gardenias for me is a collage of Black women, which transcends time and place, fluid and powerful. A  testimony of our ability to connect and disconnect with our most constant force—God.


Paperback:  119 pgs

Publisher: Semaj Publishing (2014)

Language: English

ISBN: 978 0-9772572-8-7

Black Gardenias
Black Gardenias (Paperback)
Scarf Diaries: A Play about Women, Life, and Entanglement

Scarf Diaries features Antoinette Ellis-Williams performing one-act vignettes about the lives of different women sharing their loves, heartaches, desperation and triumphs.  Women's scarves serves as visual conduits of complex narratives of religion, culture, sexuality, work, childbirth, mourning, sickness, beauty and celebration.  They mark rites of passage in public ways and for others declare independence or tributes of honor.  Women throughout the world wrap, drape, cover, adorn and hide themselves with scarves as symbols of private convents, embellishment, joyfulness, pain or uglines. 

For more information about Scarf Diaries or to inquire about booking Antoinette to perform please contact us.

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