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Professor, Women’s & Gender Studies 

Instagram: artist_annieellisw5  

Facebook: Antoinette Ellis-Williams 

LinkedIn: Antoinette Ellis-Williams, Ph.D.



Ph. D., Public Policy, 1996  


Ithaca, New York.  


Thesis:“How African American Community-Based Organizations Operate  in the American Social Welfare Environment: A Case

Study of the Syracuse Housing Authority Project Perseverance" 


Honors: Four-Year Fellowship, New York State Minority Award.  Black Graduated and Professional Student Association  Leadership Award, 1988.  


Master’s of Public Administration, Applied Policy Analysis, April 1986. 



Honors: Full Fellowship, Public Service Grant, Graduate Senior Honors  Certificate in Applied Policy Analysis, University of Pittsburgh,  1986.  


Bachelor of Arts, Sociology, April 1984.  

SETON HALL UNIVERSITY, South Orange, New Jersey  


Honors: Sociological Honor Society, Scholastics Achievement Award  (Black Studies Department) 

Continuing Education Initiatives: 


Kellogg School of Management, Executive Women’s Development Program, May 2008  


Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication, “Diversity & Strategic  Development” Reed College, July 2007  

New York Theological Seminary, 2006


New Jersey Project Diversity Summer Institute, “Cultural Competency and Pedagogy”, June 2000



Chair, Women’s and Gender Studies, New Jersey City University, New Jersey (2018 - 2023)


Professor, Women’s and Gender Studies, New Jersey City University, New  Jersey (2012 - present) 


Actor, One-Woman Show, “Scarf Diaries” written by Antoinette Ellis-Williams  New Jersey Performing Arts Center, Newark, New Jersey 

(November 19, 2017) 


Director, Lee Hagan Africana Studies Center, New Jersey City University  Jersey City, New Jersey (September 1998  – January 2016) 


Chair, African/African-American Studies, New Jersey City University  New Jersey (January 2015 - September 2015) 


Adjunct Professor, New Brunswick Theology Seminary, New Brunswick, New  Jersey (Spring 2014 & Spring 2016)  


Adjunct Professor, Seton Hall University, South Orange, New Jersey (Fall 2008)  


Guest Lecturer, Abbott Leadership Institute, Rutgers University, Newark, New  Jersey (Summer 2006)  

Assistant Professor, Women and Gender Studies, New Jersey City University,  New Jersey (2001 - 2005) 

Associate Professor, Women and Gender Studies, New Jersey City University,  New Jersey (February 2005 - 2012)

Assistant Dean, College of Arts & Sciences, New Jersey City University, New Jersey (July 1,  1996 - June 30, 1998)  


Assistant Minister, Bethany Baptist Church, Newark, New Jersey (May  2008 - present)  

Superintendent Church School, Bethany Baptist Church, Newark, New Jersey (Nov. 2008-2014)  ​


Community Service & Leadership (highlights since 2005) 

• Member, Board of Trustees, New Jersey Performing Arts Center, Women’s  Association (2020- present) 

• Member, Board of Trustees, Zonta Club of Essex County (2018- Present)


• Vice Chair, Board of Trustees, New Jersey Institute of Social Justice (2014-2015) 


• Member, Board of Trustees, New Jersey Institute of Social Justice  (2012-present) 


• President, Board of Trustees, East Orange General Hospital & Essex Valley  Healthcare (2007-2011) 

• Member, Board of Trustees, East Orange General Hospital & Essex Valley  Healthcare  (2004- 2012)

• Member of Governance Council, New Jersey Hospital Association (2005-2011)  


• Vice President, Board of Trustees, East Orange General Hospital, East Orange  NJ (2004-2007) 

• Minister, Bethany Baptist Church, Newark, NY (2006-present) ​


• Superintendent, Church School/Sunday School, Bethany Baptist Church, Newark, NJ (2008-2013)  


• Member of Advisory Board, Isaiah House Healthy Start Program (September  2009)

• Regional Trustee Liaison to American Hospital Association Regional Policy Board (January 2010- December 31, 2012) 

• Member of Sadie Nash Newark Advisory Board. The Sadie Nash Leadership  Project (SNLP) is a unique educational model that includes coursework,  mentoring, as well as service, experiential, and skill learning, including community organizing and youth-designed activism projects. Every aspect of the program is designed to support and develop young women to both visualize themselves as leaders and actualize their leadership. The structure of the Sadie  Nash Leadership Project is designed to put the young women's notions of leadership through a process of transformation. At every stage in this process,  high expectations are expressed for what girls can achieve and how their personal experience is deeply relevant to the cause for action. (Dec 2010-2011)  


• University Heights Charter School Curriculum Committee, Newark, New Jersey (September 2005-June 2006)  


• Member of Governance Committee, New Jersey Hospital Association (Sept.  2007- 2012) 


• Board Member, Board of Trustees, Essex Valley Hospital (August 2004-2012)


• Board Member, Humanity for Africa Foundation (HFAF) (2009-2011) 


• Board of Directors, Coretta Scott King Humanitarian Group, Trenton, New Jersey (2008 - 2011)


• Artist, “From This Fertile Soil: Ancestors & Icons: An Exhibit on African American Artists”, Curator: Mansa K. Mussa. West Orange Public Library, NJ, February 2-29, 2020


• Collaborative Muralist, “Magnitude and Bond” by Women of Violet  Collective WOVC @wombofviolet (member of WOVC) located on  Halsey Street in Newark, NJ. 

• Paper Presentation, “Girlhood/UnDone”, National Women’s Studies Association (NWSA) 2019 Conference, Section Protest, Justice and Transnational Organizing”, San Francisco,  CA. November 15, 2019

• Artist, “NO FEAR” A Group Exhibition & Pop Up gallery, Curated by  Pink Dragon Artist Syndicate, Open Studios Tour, Manufacturer’s Village,  East Orange, NJ.  ​October 19-20, 2020.


• Artist, “Black & Brown UnParalleled Truth”, Juried Exhibition, Femme  Curator Arts, 18th Annual Newark Arts Festival, Newark, NJ. October 10-13, 2019

• Artist, Spotlight Exhibit, “Girls, Culture and Resistance,” Juried  Exhibition, 18th Annual Newark Arts Festival, Newark, NJ. October 10-13, 2019


• Artist, “Expressive Creative Soul” Juried Exhibition, The Bridge Art  Gallery, 18th Annual Newark Arts Festival, Newark, NJ. October 10-13, 2019


• Artist, “Her Grace”, Akwaaba Gallery, Newark, NJ. October 12- November 12, 2019


• Contributor, “A Womb of Violet: An Anthology”, Project for Empty Space,  Feminist Incubator, Newark, NJ, March 2019


• Presenter, “Lessons of Resistance by Jamaican Grandmothers Through  Digital Art”, LATI Colloquium, New Jersey City University, Jersey City, NJ. April 4,  2019


• Presenter, “Mothers and Grandmothers: Stories of Love and Defiance”,  New Jersey City University, Jersey City, NJ. March 26, 2019. 


• Panelist, “Messages Sent and Received: A Model Empowering Women” 63rd Session of the Commission on the Status of Women of the United  Nations & The Zonta CSW, Salvation Army, New York, NY.  March 17, 2019


• Panelist, “Pedagogy”, National Women’s Studies Association Annual  Conference, Atlanta, GA. November 10, 2018.  

• Solo Art Exhibit, “Girlhood/UnDone,” New Jersey City University, Jersey City, NJ.  October 28- November 26, 2018

• One-Woman Play, “Scarf Dairies,” New Jersey Performing Arts Center, Newark, NJ. November 18, 2017.  

• Panelist, “A Conversation, After Charlottesville”, Rutgers Law School  (RLS) Hosted by The Inclusion Project RLS, The Rutgers Center on  Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation and the Chancellor’s  Commission on Diversity and Transformation   September 13, 2017.

• Art Exhibition, Identity + Context with Nell Painter, Union Street Gallery,  Newark, NJ. September 23-24, 2016 

• TEDx Talk, Finding Justice in the Land of the Free, Art House  Productions, Jersey City, NJ June 2015.


• One Woman Play “Scarf Diaries”, Jersey City Museum, Jersey City, NJ April 2015. 

“Black Women’s Use of Spoken Word Tradition as Resistance: Virtual vs.  Live Expressions”, University of San Antonio, TX April 2015. 


“When the Booty is White: Race, Identify, Appropriation and the Lingering  Sarah Baartman Effect on Young Black Women”. Keynote Speaker, Kean  University, Union, NJ March 2015


• Featured Poet, East Orange Poetry Café´, East Orange Public Library, East Orange, NJ. March, 2015


“Criminalizing the Narrative of Black Rage: Case Study of Newark, Los  Angeles and Ferguson”, National Black Studies Conference, Los Angeles,  CA.  March 2015

• “Black Gardenias: A Collection of Poems, Stories & Sayings From a  Woman’s Heart” Published by Semaj Publishing, 2014  

• Book Reading and Discussion, Bethany Baptist Church Book Club, Newark, NJ September 2014


• Featured Poet, Jersey City Book Festival, “Tales of Our Cities” September 2014

• Poetry Reading, Harlem Book Fair, Military Park, Newark, NJ. July 2014


• Book Reading & Discussion, Literary Voices Book Club, Plainfield, NJ July 2014.

• Poetry Reading & Discussant, A Tribute to Amiri Baraka, Bowery Poetry  Club, New York 2014


• Contributor in book Edited by Dr. Willard W. C. Ashley Learning to Lead,  (Chapter 30) Part III: Multiple Perspectives on “Working with the Black  Diaspora” Learning to Lead, published by SkyLight Paths Publishing, a  division of Long Hill Partners.  

May 6, 2011

• Panelist at Conference Building the Beloved Community: An Interfaith  Dialogue, “Examples of Building the Beloved Community in international  Contexts” New Brunswick Theological Seminary, NJ. May 6, 2011 


“Poor Choice of Words should have a Cost”, Star Ledger Op Ed Article. May 12, 2011.


• “Connecting Generations: The Lee Hagan’s Legacy”- This is my first film. I have served as Executive Producer, Director, Research  Methodologist, Writer, Assistant Editor and Narrator for the documentary.  It focuses on the life of Dr. Lee Hagan and his legacy for this generation.  This is an intergenerational examination of education, history, Civil Rights  Movement, culture, politics, activism and personal voice. The  documentary includes interviews with Jerome and Maurice Hagan, Dr.  Margaret Hayes, Dr. Judy Miller, Sam McGhee, Ben Jones, Amiri Baraka,  Dr. Maxwell, Cory Booker, Dr. Clement Price, Ben Jones, NJCU alumni  Jaysun Sparrow, Lyle Hickman, among many others. This 59-minute  documentary is a result of collaboration with students (especially alumna  Kerry Young) and the Media Arts Department (Joel Katz, consultant).  


• Panelist, “The State of Poverty and Human Rights” Rutgers University,  Newark Campus. My portion of the conversation focused on the role of  gender & sexuality in poverty. Other panelists included Dr. Cornell  West, Larry Cox, Executive Director of Amnesty International and Rev.  William Howard.  Nov. 2010


• Course Proposal “Urban Men of Color in America” for application for  Bachelor, Women and Gender Studies. Spring 2009


• Panelist, “Health Care: Community Change Forum” New Jersey Black  Issues (NJBIC) Forum. Oct. 2009

• Panelist on New Jersey Hospital Association Training, “Acquiring and  Accessing Diversity on Hospital Boards”  May 2009


• Critical Essayist, New Jersey Star Ledger (Winter 2008-2010)  Sample (“To Our Wanna Be B.F.F. Michelle Obama”, December 10  2008; “Cast Stones or Build Roads”, February, 7, 2009; “Generation  Duels” At Last Our Time Has Come”, February 7, 2009; “To Educate or  Not. That is the Question: Is Excellence a Choice”, March 11, 2009;  “Fighting for the Greater Good/ Sotomayor Part I”, June 4, 2009;  “Fighting for the Greater Good/Part II Pro Life” , June 4, 2009;  “Fighting for the Greater Good/Part III Gay Rights”, June 4, 2009;  “Fighting for the Greater Good/Part IV Obama to Muslims” , June 4,  2009 “Rabbis, Assemblymen and Mayors, Oh My!”, July 31, 2009; “Beer  Gate and the Post Race Debate”, July 31, 2009; “Senator Edward  Kennedy’s Legacy”, August 26, 2009; “Summer Shootings Damper Lazy Days”, August 19, 2009;“Brick City 5 Part Series”, September  22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 2009; “Can we Disagree?”, September 27, 2009.)  


Cultural Columnist, The Positive Community ,“In Perspective” (Dec.  2008-present)Sample Columns (“’Tis the Season”, Dec./Jan. 2008;  “Daddy’s Little Girl”, June 2009; “Deadly Salvation”, Summer 2010; “In  Mama’s House, There is Still God”, May 2011;“Entitled or Favored:  When is it Right to Ask?”, September 2011).  


• Organized Student and Community forums on hundreds of topics  including a Teach-In on Racial Profiling, Black Essentialism, History of  African Americans in New Jersey, Impact of Katrina: Class & Race,  Gender, Sexuality and Race, Domestic Public Policy Issues, Internalized  Oppression within the African Diaspora, Update of Sudan, Culture  Politics and the Electoral, Black Power, Annual W.E.B. DuBois Lecture  Series to name a few at New Jersey City University (NJCU)  2001 - present


The Other Hockey Mom Skates on Thin Ice: Deploying Feminists (Paper  Abstract Accepted by The National Studies Women’s Association  National Conference.  November 2011

Guest Lecturer, “Black Womanist Model in Human Rights,” Interfaith  Dialog Center (IDC(, Turkish Women’s Group, Newark, NJ.  March 2011

Presenter, Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s Spirit of Healthy  Living: Wellness and Diabetes Day. 2010  

• Regular presenter for New Jersey Leadership, and Leadership Newark,  and New Jersey Project in issues of Race, Diversity, Immigration and  Religion.  2004-2009 

• Co-Chair the Humanity for Africa Foundation (HFAF) First Annual Public  Lecture Series “Issues of Educational Development in Rural  African Communities” Essex County College.  October 2009 


Lecturer, “Defining & Translating a Womanist Perspective into Action”  Black Sadie Nash Summer Institute, Rutgers University Newark Campus  July 2009


• “Women of Color on the Path to Eliminating Birth Disparities” Hudson  Perinatal Consortium, Inc. Jersey City, NJ. June 2009


• “Black Women: Stories of Survival and Success”, Northern Consortium for Maternal Child Health, Black Infant Mortality Reduction PETALS  Project, Montclair, New Jersey.  March 2009


• “Letter from Mama Olewagi” poem, published in Temba Tupu!: Walking Naked, Africana Women’s Poetic Self-Portrait, Edited by Nagueyalti  Warren, African World Press, Inc.,   2008. 


• “The Power of Faith & Spirituality in the Healing Process”, Yemaya’s  Rhonda Berry Tribute Breast Cancer Teach-In, NJCU. October 2008


Keynote Speaker, Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration, “How Long before  a Change will Come?” Kenilworth, New Jersey.    January 21, 2008

• “Voices of Contemporary African Women: Exploring Connections  Between Generations Past and Present”, Women’s History Month  Lecturer, Kean University.  March 2007

• “Discovering the Possibilities: A Study of African American Youth  Resistance and Activism”, (The Journal of Educational Foundations, Vol.  21: No. 1-2, Winter-Spring, 2007).  


• Course Development “People and Cultures of America I”, Seton Hall  University  2007


• New Course Development, “Cultural Ideas & Values II: A Faith  Emphasis”, HONORS 102 2603 New Jersey City University. Spring  2006


Panelist Immigration & Diversity” Leadership Newark  November 2008 


PanelistReligion & Faith as Public Policy” Leadership Newark. November 2007 


PanelistAre We There Yet?” Seminar of Race & Public Policy,  Leadership New Jersey. October 2007


Panelist “Transforming Board Governance: A Case A Study for  Community Reform”, New Jersey Hospital Association.  January 2007


• “Faith-Based Community Service: An Outreach Model: Is there a Role for  Black Psychologists?” Black Psychologist Association held at NJCU. January 2006.   


• “When the Curry Hits the Grits: Exploring Relationships between African  Americans and Jamaicans”, Keynote Lecturer, International Black  Women’s Conference, Toronto, Canada.    Fall 2006


“Are you ready for the Next Katrina?” New Salem Baptist Church  Newark, NJ. August 27, 2006 

“Mother’s of the Civil Rights Movement: Mrs. Parks, Scott-King and  Tucker” Stockton State University. October 5, 2006 


Panelist “A Model in Board Governance: A Turn Around Plan”, New  Jersey Hospital Association. January 2007  


• “Moving from the Margin to the Center” Bronx Grace Church of the  Nazarene, Bronx, NY Black History Month.  February 20, 2005 


• “Regaining Global Identity of the Diaspora” The Jersey City Municipal  Council and the Department of Health and Human Services, Division of  Cultural Affairs City Hall Council Chambers, Jersey City, NJ Black  History Celebration.   February 15, 2005


• Mistress of Ceremonies, the NAACP Newark Unit 94th Annual Freedom  Fund Awards Dinner. November 2008, 2009


• Member of Steering Committee Charlie Brown Retiring Dinner. September 2008


• President and Vice President, Black Administrators, Alumni, Faculty,  Staff and Student Organization (BAAFSSO), New Jersey City University.  September 2001 - 2008


• Member of University Strategic Planning Council, New Jersey City University. Spring 2007-Spring 2011


• Principal for A Day, Newark Public Schools, Barringer Academy. May  2008


• Principal for A Day, Newark Public Schools, Malcolm X Shabazz High School. May 2007


• St. Philip’s Academy Curriculum & Programming Task Force, Newark,  New Jersey. September 2005- 2007

• Member of BEAMS Committee (Bridging Engagement Attainment of  Minority Students, NJCU. 2005-2009


• Member of the Honor’s Council, New Jersey City University. 2003-2006


• Coordinator of Youth Council, Bethany Baptist Church, Newark, NJ. 2005-2010

• Mentor for members of Uth Turn program for incarcerated youth in Essex  Detention Facility. 



• Assistant Minister, Bethany Baptist Church, Newark, NJ.   2005- present

• Commencement speaker at elementary,  middle school, and high school graduations throughout New  

Jersey and New York.   1998- present



• MLK Jr. Community Service Award,  NJCU, 2018

• Winner of Paul Robeson Short Documentary Award, Lee Hagan:  Connecting Generations, Newark Black Film Festival, 2016  

• MLK Jr. “Steward of the Dream” NJPAC/NAACP. 2016  

Faculty Knight Award, NJCU 2016


• Building named/dedicated in my honor, East Orange General Hope Gardens Supportive Housing, 2013


• Promotion to Professor, Women & Gender Studies  2012


• “Sojourner Truth Women Minsters Award”, The National Association of Negro Business & Professional Women’s Clubs, Inc. The North 

Jersey Unit  October 2012 


• Hospital Trustee of the Year, New Jersey Hospital Association,  January 2011


• Member Montclair Who’s Who,  2010 - 2011 


• NJBIZ Healthcare Hero Finalist in New Jersey, June 2009  

• BAAFSSO Community Service Award, May 2009


• New Jersey General Assembly Service Recognition, 2008 


• Shirley Chisholm Healthcare Leadership Award, April 2008  


• Caribbean Medical Mission, Leadership Award, December  2008 


• New Jersey Hospital Association named East Orange General as a  Model of Excellence (Best in Board Governance in New Jersey) 2008 

• New Jersey Recipient of the Shirley Chisholm Award in Health Care 2008   


New Jersey City University, Employee of the Year 2007


• Certificate of Appreciation, UMOJA Mentoring Program BAAFSSO,  NJCU June 2006 

• Woman of Honor & Distinction 2006, The New Life Church, East Orange, NJ. 2006


• Promotion to Associate Professor, Women & Gender Studies, 2006 


• Certificate of Appreciation Uth Turn, Essex Residential Community Home, August 2005




• BURN-Life, Reality & Healing Black Women- I am conducting an ethnographic research, creating new art, developing literary works (e.g. poetry, prose, narratives) and creating a multi-media instillation. The BURN Project seeks to explore some of the sociopolitical, economic and cultural contexts in which black women have experienced “Burn”. Black women’s voice is at the heart of this project.

• Completing a book manuscript based on my play Scarf Diaries. 


• A memoir on “When the Curry Hits the Grits” about Jamaican immigrant experience in the USA.  


• A poetry book- working title "In-Between Death & Pain/Laugh Like You Are Free"



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