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The Re/GeneraTioN evolution carries ancestors’adversities, epiphanies, and jubilation across visible and invisible terrains. These pathways hold memory yet inviteand demand forward progression.


Fragments uses primarily collages to tell stories of freedom, injustice, culture, pain, faith and joy. Torn remnants explore the layers of the artist’s identity — Blackness and girl/womanhood while considering deeper layers of history, culture and resistance of community. Yellow, red and orange line the canvas as a way of simulating vibrant energy and positive possibilities.

Burn II:
Body, Beauty, Representation & Girlhood

Burn II activates the work with digital videos, selfies as self-portraits reappropriating the "Mammy" figure, mixed media collages, digital collages, the Barbie collection, products and cultural images.

Burn Phase I: Origins and Activism

The BURN Project is a multi-disciplinary visual, poetic, literary and ethnographic study on how history, socio-political, cultural, economic, and familial relationships shape identity, reality and healing Black American women.

Girlhood Un/Done

Girlhood/UnDone honors the rich tradition of quilting by incorporating paper doll quilts and patches. Each patch conjures individual stories (first love, sister-friends, daydreaming). But when combined into one quilt there is a deep connection to one another— a collective sisterhood.


Check out a few of the group exhibits that showcase Antoinette's work.


  • The Jazz Gallery (New York)

  • Akwaaba Gallery (New Jersey)

  • Art in the Atrium (New Jersey)

  • Calabar Art Gallery (New York)

  • Museum of Science and Industry (Illinois) 

  • Moody Jones Gallery (Pennsylvania)

  • Newark Arts Festival (New Jersey)

  • Newark Museum of Art (New Jersey)

  • NJ State Museum (New Jersey)

  • West Orange Arts Center (New Jersey)

  • Prizm Art Fair (Florida)


Check out the public venues that showcase Antoinette's work.

  • Citizen Narrative-A Story of Cross-Cultural Neighbors (2023)

  • Permanent Mural Terminal A - Newark International Airport (2022-2023)

  • Say so Dance! (2021-2022)

  • Womb of Violet: Magnitude and Bond (2019)


Check out how Antoinette combines her work in the community and art.

A featured project is Red Dirt & Pot Liquor (RDPL).  RDPL is a storytelling archival project. RDPL will unpack themes associated with memory, and legacy. The artist will collect and archive audio stories from Black women elders from the Newark area. Together they will create a group quilt consisting of traditional quilt-making materials, audio and video stories and songs, shadow box stories, and other immersive mediums.

More Art By Antoinette


Dr. Ellis-Williams uses mixed media and abstract collaging when conceptualizing her work. Even though it's at the heart of the process, she's constantly searching beneath layers for hidden messages and to shed new light.

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