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Dr. Antoinette Ellis Williams sitting in chair thinking



I create pieces as a way of
unpacking rage, pain, contradictions, beauty, agency and joy constantly trying to
understand the complex history and narrative of blackness in

the United States and the
black diaspora.



Dr. Ellis-Williams graduated from Cornell University, School of Human Ecology. Dr. Ellis-Williams earned her doctorate in Public Policy from Cornell University, School of Human Ecology.  

social justice consultant

Dr. Antoinette Ellis-Williams has worked for over 25 years in the field of Inclusion/ Diversity and Social Justice.

activist &


She's presented at hundreds of events throughout the state, nation, and world where both quality of thought and delivery are deemed important. She was invited to present a TEDx Talk, Finding Justice in the Land of the Free.


Author of Black Gardenias: A Collections of Poems, Stories, & Saying From A Woman's Heart. In 2016,


Dr. Ellis-Williams uses mixed media and abstract collaging 

when conceptualizing her work. Even though it's at the heart of the process, she's constantly searching beneath layers for hidden messages and to shed new light.

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