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New Jersey

An Afro-Futuristic exhibition invites us to reimagine time, birth, life, and death. The work is an intersection with black cultural, spiritual and political practices and experiences. The exhibit reconceptualizes reproduction by aligning black hair as a vehicle to transport knowledge, history, and life narratives.

The Re/GeneraTioN evolution carries ancestors’ adversities, epiphanies, and jubilation across visible and invisible terrains. These pathways hold memory yet invite and demand forward progression.

Each piece offers visual root reclamation as a metaphor for regeneration. The spirals, twists, and textures lead to regeneration.

The abstract mixed media, collages, drawings, and digital works explore regeneration found in play, sex, intimacy, birth, pain, festivals, Resistance, nature, blues, love and spirit.

Re/GeneraTion uses jesters, color, texture, and mark-making to tell complex stories of black life using graffiti, and abstract expressionism.

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