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New Jersey City University Student Union Building




New Jersey

This show is a window onto my own girlhood journey and commentary on history, culture, oppression, patriarchy,  racism, power and resistance of girls. It is a series of digital art, collages and mixed media centering the narrative around girlhood.Most of the collection uses the simple dress form to juxtapose the sense of innocence against the hard reality faced by girls globally.

The collection begins with “Black Girl DNA” a mixed media collage with fabric, paper, gems, and shells. It is reminiscent of the rich history and culture of my Jamaican, African America blackness. It is what is deep within all black girls a sense of grandmas sewing machine, daddy’s stories about going to work, mommy’s ritual of combing your hair. Our DNA is magic!

Girlhood/UnDone honors the rich tradition of quilting by incorporating paper doll quilts and patches. Each patch conjures individual stories (first love, sister-friends, daydreaming). But when combined into one quilt there is a deep connection to one another— a collective sisterhood.

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