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Transforming Public Spaces with Art

Mural Art
Antoinette Ellis Williams

So I have had 2 locations of my public art- a temporary fence mural with Audible and 3 permanent mural in Terminal A United Airlines in Newark Airport. I hope to do more in the future. I’m new in this game.

Well nothing has prepared me for this project with artist Armisey Smith & photographer Rachel Fawn with Project For Empty Space Rebecca Pauline Jampol for this public art project. The mural is on MLK Jr. Blvd and exit ramp Interstate 280W.

I attended a community art workshop for black/brown girls in Newark. A fun lovely night, now I’m on this mural (no hiding, no glamorous shot) as myself as the 40’ woman. A great afternoon for Hampshire College & Newark.

This is Civic Engagement next level.

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