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  • Antoinette Ellis-Williams

UPCOMING EVENT: BURN II/ body, beauty, representation & girlhood

"I am so excited & proud of this very personal POP-UP installation. " Antoinette Ellis-Williams, Artist

BURN II/ body, beauty, representation & girlhood

“Burn II installation catalyzes deeper conversations on troupes surrounding black women’s bodies in the contexts of body, beauty, racialized gendered labor, and representation. The installation also centers on Black girlhood as a heroic free spirit. The work explores the period from 1881 Washwomen Atlanta Strike, “mammy,” Miss. America, Pam Grier, Barbie, to Princess Meghan Markle.

BURN II activates the work with digital videos, selfies as self-portraits reappropriating the “mammy” figure, mixed media collages, digital collages, the Barbie collection, beauty products, and popular culture images.”

Curators Bimpé Fageyinbo & Jasmine Mans

9/22- Opening Reception with poetry Kween Moore, Bimpé & Jasmine Mans 9/23-Curators & Artist conversation

Please encourage Girls 12 & up, women of all ages to attend.

Location: Awaaba Art Gallery, 509 S Orange Ave, Newark, NJ

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